About Golf Course Barbora

The premises of Golf Resort Barbora, the home course of golf players of BARBORA GC, are located in the foothills of the Ore Mountains, less than 5 km north-west of Teplice towards Duchcov. The whole area is situated in the landscape full of meadows and groves in a large regional bio-zone with water reservoirs, brooks and ponds, out of which the most famous ones are Barbora (65 hectares) and the trout stream Bouřlivec.

Since the year 2001 a golf course and a complete practice area, which are considerately set to the surrounding landscape, have been created. A 9-hole course was finished in autumn 2007. In the year 2011 the construction of an 18-hole course started and in spring of the year 2013 the 18-hole course, PAR 72, of the length 5.744 m/4.614 m, which can be considered completely new, was standardized. Just a few holes of the original 9-hole course were used. The holes are really varied, they have a rhythm and alter in an interesting way and are far away from boring. The terrain relief is slightly undulated and does not represent any significant hindrance. The type diversity and colourfulness of the flora underline the scenic beauty and attractiveness of the place.

Apart from the course you can find a practice area here. It is used for practising basic golf skills, for trainings with instructors or just “struggling” with yourselves, both in a group or individually. Its base is a 280-metre long driving range, putting green and pitching area. It goes without saying that you can rent golf clubs, do some shopping in our PROshop or relax and revive your strengths with some refreshment near the fireplace or on the clubhouse terrace.

The premises are also ideal for organising golf tournaments, golf academies or for the first familiarization with this attractive play. We will be pleased to prepare and organise any appropriate programme with golf professionals and instructors according to your wishes.

Barbora Golf Course

The premises are attended and open every day from 8:00 am till the dark.

Interesting sites in the surroundings

Bathing in a popular natural lake Barbora, the spa town of Teplice (5 km), the Cistercian monastery in Osek (5 km), the ruins of Ryzmburk Castle (8 km), the Wallenstein Castle in Duchcov famous for Giacomo Casanova (5 km), Komáří vížka with the oldest chairlift to its top (12 km), the ski area Bouřňák in the Ore Mountains (8 km) or the huge clinkstone structure Bořeň (17 km).