Local rules

The course bounds – Rule 27-1

  • white stakes on Holes 2, 5, 6, 11

Immovable obstructions – Rule 24-2

  • information and advertisement boards, benches, waste bins
  • parts of the irrigation system
  • roads/paths with hard surface
  • sticking out roofs and stones in low-mowed areas
  • separately standing trees lower than the length of two clubs, trees marked with a blue colour and trees with supportive stakes
  • fences on Hole 17 behind the green

Movable obstructions – Rule 24-1

  • stones in bunkers bigger than 1 cm
  • all stakes marking the distance from the green, water hazards and the ground under repair

Water hazards – Rule 26

  • red and yellow stakes
  • the protected bio-zone – red-and-black stakes on Holes 4, 5, 6. It is prohibited both to enter the bio-zone and to play from it. Breaching this prohibition will be punished with a disqualification. When applying the relief, Rule 26-1 will be followed. If the bio-zone interferes with the player’s stance and the ball does not lie in the bio-zone, then the player can drop the ball without any penalty within one-club length from the nearest point of relief, however, not nearer the hole.
  • Bridges on Holes 2, 4 – 5, 7, 16 are parts of water hazards

Ground under repair – Rule 25-1

  • blue stakes
  • all maintenance roads/paths

Further rules

  • All golf players are obliged to meet tee time on Holes 1 and 10, to observe the prescribed pace of play as stated on the scorecard and to obey marshal’s instructions.
  • Avoid delaying other players on the course behind you with a slow play.
  • Avoid taking practice swings on teeing grounds.
  • Repair ball marks in fairways and after the impact of the ball onto the green.
  • Rake sand in the bunker after playing the ball.
  • On safety grounds use only marked paths to get to the next teeing ground (particularly from Hole 15 to Hole 16).
  • Breaching these rules will result into expelling the player from the play.
  • It is forbidden to use metal spikes.

The competition committee can apply Temporary Local Rules for a limited period, which will be put up in the clubhouse or in the teeing ground of Hole 1.