Rules of operation – Golf Resort BARBORA Golf Course

General provisions

  1. The rules of operation unequivocally set the rules, rights and duties of all visitors of the golf resort.
  2. The golf course is intended to mean an 18-hole course (i.e. teeing grounds, fairways, greens and other areas), driving range, practice areas (putting and chipping greens) and places meant for relaxation. Apart from the above mentioned course, parts of the resort premises are parking sites, a clubhouse with neighbouring facilities, the main entrance to the premises and access roads.
  3. The resort visitors are golfers and those who accompany them, visitors of social events held in the resort premises, people passing through the premises and other people with the approval of the operator.
  4. The operator is intended to mean the employees and other staff members who ensure the functioning, service or running of the golf course.
  5. These Rules of Operation represent the rules set by the operator of the golf resort premises. When entering the golf resort premises, everybody expresses their agreement to be bound by the duties and rights of these Rules of Operation.
  6. The concept “Rules of Operation” is identical with the concept “Visiting Rules”.
  7. Children under 10 years of age must not be left without any surveillance in all the premises.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse. As for other areas, smoking is prohibited where the restrictive sign meaning “No Smoking” is placed by the operator.
  2. The entry to the clubhouse with a golf cart is prohibited.

Entering the golf course

  1. The entry onto the 18-hole course is chargeable. Every player is obliged to register at a course attendant before the game starts. The green fee must always be paid before the game. All players must produce the card of the Czech Golf Federation or another identification card at the reception. The operator has the right not to accept the “Certificate for play on the course” if there are any doubts about its validity, about the guarantor or the sufficiency of the preparedness of the player, or he/she can ask for its confirmation by the guarantor accepted by the club.
  2. In case the player is a foreign national or a Czech national living abroad over a long period, they can be admitted to play even without producing HCP or a green card. If their performance is poor according to the course manager or marshal, they will be asked to leave the golf course without any refund.
  3. The course personnel registers the data of the player who with this expressly assents that the operator can use the personal data of the player for the purpose of running the golf course in connection with providing their service, in the range necessary for the player’s identification, within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., in the wording of later alterations and amendments.
  4. During the whole play, when asked, the player is obliged to produce the receipt of the green fee payment, club members produce a valid member card. If not, the player can be removed from the play and banished from the course premises.
  5. The hours of operation of the course, clubhouse and practice areas depend on the current situation. The particular opening hours are established by the course manager and are put up at the reception, or on the course websites.
  6. The player and those who accompany them enter the course at their own risk. The players are obliged to conduct themselves in the way they do not endanger either their own health or the health of other players or other people on the course.
  7. The visitor who neither participates in the play nor accompanies the golfer must not enter the course without the prior permission from the receptionist.
  8. Children under 14 years of age can play only under the surveillance of an adult person (with the exception of tournaments).
  9. Visitors are strictly prohibited to pick up somebody else’s golf balls on the course. The entry to the landing area of the driving range is prohibited. Taking golf balls belonging to the resort outside the resort premises is prohibited. Everybody conducting like that is obliged to compensate the operator for the damage caused.
  10. It is prohibited to enter the course out of opening hours and the play. Only marked roads/paths can be used for getting around the premises.

The duties of players

  1. Visitors are obliged to follow safety rules and not to endanger other visitors in any way in the golf resort premises.
  2. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of marshals, greenkeepers, trainers and other staff and respect cautionary signs on the course.
  3. Visitors take into consideration that golf play is in progress on the course and there is a danger of an injury caused with a hit of a golf ball. In case the instructions on cautionary signs or put up in the Rules of Operation are not followed, the operator is not responsible for the bodily harm of visitors.
  4. Players are obliged to follow the rules of golf play, golf etiquette and local rules. If they breach the rules, they can be removed from the play without any refund.
  5. When playing at the distance where the players cannot see or if they have a worsened view or if there are other participants in front of them in the range of their play, then the players are obliged to ensure that their behaviour does not cause any damage or bodily hurt and act in compliance with that.
  6. The player and those who accompany them must be properly dressed according to golf etiquette (including shoes).
  7. The players are obliged to repair divots, correct the pitch marks and rake sand in the bunkers after they have played the ball.
  8. The players should not bother the others with excessive noise, ringing mobile phones and with behaviour not compatible with golf etiquette and good manners.

The usage of golf carts – Buggies

  1. Electric carts (buggies) can be driven only by persons older than 16 years. When driving on the course, reduce the motion nearby greens, follow the navigation signs determining the direction and the track of the ride on particular holes.
  2. Only two persons and their equipment are allowed to ride on an electric cart (buggy).
  3. The players are obliged to get acquainted with the operation of electric carts (buggies).

Further provisions

  1. Children under 10 years of age must not be left without any surveillance in all the premises. Children in the playground must not be left without any surveillance.
  2. In the premises unleashed dogs’ roaming around is strictly prohibited. Dogs are required to be on a leash and on determined paths only in all the premises of the resort. Dogs must not disturb other visitors with barking or any other activity. Owners are required to remove any droppings after their dogs.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to adjust or move any stands or mounts, any mechanical, information, marking or other facilities.
  4. Visitors of the course can park cars in the parking sites set for this purpose.
  5. Visitors who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic drugs can be banished from the premises of the golf resort.
  6. Visitors are fully responsible for the damage to health of people or to the property of the premises and the surroundings caused by their conducting.
  7. Visitors are obliged to keep order in the golf resort premises. In all premises, in all open spaces and in all grassy areas throwing out cigarette butts and littering is strictly prohibited.
  8. Rude behaviour towards marshals, receptionists and other staff and other visitors and players as well is considered to be the gross breach of the rules of operation and because of such behaviour the visitor can be banished from the golf resort premises.
  9. Visitors of the golf resort are obliged to follow these Rules of Operation, instructions of the operator of the golf course and principles of safety, hygiene and fire safety. In case of breaching these rules of operation the particular person can be banished from the golf resort premises without any refund of the green fee.
  10. The visitor who repeatedly does not respect the Rules of Operation can be banned from entering the golf resort premises.
  11. The course manager, security officers or the operator of the premises have to right to limit or completely ban the entry of the public to the golf resort premises if they consider this appropriate for ensuring the protection of people’s health and the prevention of damage to the property of the operator of the premises of third persons.
  12. The course manager has the right to limit or completely ban the entry of the public to the premises also in case that it is stipulated in the contract with a short-term user of the course.
  13. Players and visitors use the facilities of the premises at their own risk and they are responsible for the damage caused by breaching the rules of operation. They are obliged to report all found faults and breakdowns immediately to the staff, at the reception or to any person in charge.
  14. The operator does not account for the damage to the equipment and personal things of visitors brought to the resort premises.

Safety measures

  1. In case of storm players and visitors are obliged to interrupt the game or exercise immediately and to move to the clubhouse.
  2. In case of emergency there is a first-aid-kit at the reception. It is equipped according to valid regulations and in compliance with the provided services.


  1. These Rules of Operation of the Golf resort are efficient from 1st January 2014.

 Petr Ocásek – the chairman of the board of directors of Golf Resort Barbora a.s.